Piggy Bank Not So Piggy

Piggy Bank

Money box, well known as piggy bank, used to be produced in shapes like piggy. What is interesting is that the name "piggy bank" is not really named after any pig, nor is that the first money box appeared to be so.

During the middle ages, which is about six hundreds years ago, dishes and pots in ordinary families were made of an economical clay called "pygg". Poor families at that time could barely get any support from the welfare system if there was one. Whenever people could save an extra coin, they dropped it into one of their clay jars.They called this their pygg bank. A few hundred years later, people forgot that "pygg" referred to the earthenware material and started to produce money boxes shaped like a pig.

Money boxes are now available in cool and funky designs, making them more appealing to the kids. Novelty money boxes like the multi-colored ceramic kitty bank or doggy bank are perfect gifts for girls and young ladies, while skull shaped money boxes would almost certainly delight teenage boys. Red double-deck bus shaped money box and red telephone box shaped money box are ideal souvenirs for travellers to London. Cupcake shaped money box looks so yummy to desert lovers.

So why shall we still use a boring piggy bank, while we have lots of choices on novelty money boxes to spirit up the savings from young people?

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